Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Theme of the Show: Techniques of Empowering Ourselves
Guest: Judy Lyon-
Lead Host: Mara Lees

As a trained counsellor, Judy offers individual and group counselling as well as Yoga to help clients empower themselves. Judy’s motto is , ” She wants clients to have their own journey of healing and to help them to do so”.
Because of Judy’s own personal journey , the many deaths experienced in a short time as well as the death of her brother by suicide, Judy has a deep understanding of the grief journey. Judy offered the Death Matters Live show a wealth of her experience dealing with anxiety, depression, sadness and symptoms of trauma that can all be associated emotions death, loss and grief. We spoke at length about dealing with grief and getting through the holidays.

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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Theme of the Show: Post-Death Care and Home Funerals – Part 1
Guest: Ruth Tschannen, Heidi Bouche
Lead Host: Abegael Fisher-Lang

Since time began, people in all cultures have cared for the dying, and created ceremonies to honour their transitions. There is now a renaissance of interest in the wisdom of ancient death traditions and renewal of older death practices appropriate to our modern-day life. Today we speak with film-maker Heidi Boucher, creator of the documentary In the Parlor the Final Goodbye which celebrates the wisdom of home funerals. Ruth Tschannen has participated in countless home funerals in her work with Camphill Villages in three countries.

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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Theme of the Show: Embrace by Faith
Guest: Reet Herder – Fraser Valley Artist
Lead Host: Mara Lees

Reet and her husband Don Herder were married for 50 years. In May of this year, Don passed away after suffering a severe brain aneurysm. Reet shared her life, her relationship and finally the death of Don. When asked who her main support was during the time Don was passing and now on her journey of grief, Reet replied it is her faith in God and the support He gives her on a daily basis. When asked if she is lonely, she replied no.

Reet is a local artist. Her passion is painting and making jewellry.
To get in touch with Reet, you can email her at

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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Theme of the Show: All Souls’: Vancouver’s Beloved Festival of Death
Guest: Marina Szijarto & Paula Jardine –
Lead Host: Abegael Fisher-Lang

In many cultures around the world, the days at the end of October and beginning of November are considered an important time for honouring the dead in our lives. In our modern, urban, and relatively transient culture, traditional “village” customs have been left behind, though not the human impulses that led to these traditions.

The annual All Souls festival at the Mountain View Cemetery is a non-denominational sacred event, and an opportunity for people to share their own customs and experiences.

Led by artists Paula Jardine and Marina Szijarto, it grew out of their work together at Public Dreams, and their desire to understand the role of artists in the sacred life of the community.

The project has been part of the revival of the role of this urban cemetery in the life of an increasingly secular and multi-cultural community.
DML host Abegael, who will be part of the festival as a storyteller again this year on Nov 1 – Crossing the Sea: Celtic Threshold Stories – is thrilled to once again welcome Marina and Paula into the Van Coop studio.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Theme of the Show: The Downside of Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID)
Guest: Mike Penninga – Guest lecturer, UBCO Nursing School (Ethics), Author: Physician Assisted Suicide (Master’s Thesis), Pastor, Kelowna Gospel Fellowship,
Lead Host: Sharon Simpson

Mike Penninga is trained in broadcast journalism and was a radio and television reporter prior to becoming a pastor. Mike wrote his Master’s thesis on the topic of Physician Assisted Death for his Social Ethics & Christian faith course for his Masters in Christianity and Culture. Written in a dialogue format, the thesis is very accessible for those who are interested in the ethical aspects that impact the individual and our society with the choices involved in Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID).

The paper came across the desk of a philosophy and ethics professor in the School of Nursing at UBCO and Mike was asked to present it to the students. This year will be his fourth year presenting to the nursing students. The school keeps bringing him back for his presentation as they seek to give the nursing students a non-judgmental and thoughtful way to look at Medical Assistance in Dying from another persective. Many of the nurses patients will come from a faith-background and Mike’s viewpoint will provide insight into how people of faith consider this issue.

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