Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Theme of the Show: My First Christmas Without Peter
Lead Host: Stephen Garrett, Death Coach,

Host, Stephen Garrett shares authentically about his first Christmas without his brother, Peter. Peter passed away September 17, 2015.  As Stephen says, “The seasons of firsts without Peter has begun…”

The year after a loved one has passed is full of firsts – first time without them at Easter, at their birthday, on Grey Cup Day, Thanksgiving this list is never ending.  These notable dates for the first year can be daunting and full of pregnant silences if we don’t recognize they are coming.  If we don’t prepare and plan for them given our loved one will not be there and it will be painfully obvious by the awkwardness in the home.

Today’s show helps to prepare you for the season of firsts with an emphasis on the ch


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