Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Theme of the Show: Clarifying and Organizing Life After a Death
Guest: Ranka Burzan
Lead Host: Mara Lees

Ranka is an inspiring entrepreneur. She is the founder and owner of a family owned business called SOS, Solutions Organizing Simply. Ranka is one of the most sought after Professional Organizers, Author and Public Speaker in British Columbia. Over her lifetime, Ranka has suffered her own personal tragedies and losses. Using a positive attitude….she simply calls them her learning tools. Furthering her education , Ranka offers clients her life counselling skills to help them get organize and declutter. Ranka empowers clients to be in control of their own decision making and planning. By doing so, the client can find some clarity and control in their lives as they move forward through the stages of grief and loss. One concrete step at a time is one step in the right direction.

Contact Ranka on Facebook or call the office at 604-427-4445

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