Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Theme of the Show: Progression of the Soul
Guest: Norma Cowie
Lead Host: Mara Lees

We go about our normal routine in life without question. Then something traumatic happens and we start to question life. What is our purpose here on earth? Why are we here? What happens after death? Do we have a soul?
Norma Cowie is a Metaphysical Psychic Life Consultant. Her teaching of Spirituality and the progression of the soul has helped hundreds of folks over the past 40 years, to find meaning to their life and to lead a more successful life. On today’s show the hosts on Death Matters Live have a conversation with Norma about the Progression of the soul from birth, life and eventually, death.
Folks from various cultures and /or religion, have their own idea of what the soul is and what happens before birth and after death.

Its exciting to explore all avenues with our listeners and welcome your feed back at or on our Facebook page.

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