Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Theme of the Show: Depression and Grief
Guest: Dawn Schooler, Registered Clinical counsellor and owner of Jericho Counselling Services –
Lead Host: Mara Lees

Our special guest today was Dawn Schooler, a Registered Clinical Counsellor and the owner of Jericho Counselling Clinics with locations in Vancouver and Burnaby. Dawn has been working as a counsellor, coach, and teacher for more than 25 years. Dawn is passionate about making counselling more accessible to everyone who wishes to begin the journey. Excellent conversations about grief and how it can lead to depression, how people with depression deal with grief and what steps does a person take to seek help and what help is available. What can we do to support a person suffering from depression especially after a loss a loved one. The deeper the love the deeper the grief. Enjoy the show.

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