Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Theme of the Show: Against All Hope / Facing Death Daily
Guest: Patty Emry, Author, Motivational Speaker, Mentor, Host on Soap Box Co-op Radio,
Lead Host: Mara Lees

All her life, Patty has been hearing she is special and unique. Born as a twin, Patty’s organs had not developed. The parents were informed Patty would probably die within a few days. Because of the parent’s faith, they insisted the doctors try anything to save Patty’s life. Patty lived and thrives. Her twin sister died a few months later at 3 months old. Patty has spent her lifetime facing death daily however, this did not stop Patty from marrying, adopting two children and later giving birth to a son.

Patty is a competitive skier, marathon runner, host on Soap Box Co-op radio, author, and public motivator speaker. Her book, ” It takes a sense of humor” is an inspirational story of hope and motivation to anyone who on a daily basis must adapt their health and lifestyle to stay alive and flourish…from losses, to facing health issues, traumas, break ups etc….”Patty Cares”.

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