Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Theme of the Show: All Souls’: Vancouver’s Beloved Festival of Death
Guest: Marina Szijarto & Paula Jardine –
Lead Host: Abegael Fisher-Lang

In many cultures around the world, the days at the end of October and beginning of November are considered an important time for honouring the dead in our lives. In our modern, urban, and relatively transient culture, traditional “village” customs have been left behind, though not the human impulses that led to these traditions.

The annual All Souls festival at the Mountain View Cemetery is a non-denominational sacred event, and an opportunity for people to share their own customs and experiences.

Led by artists Paula Jardine and Marina Szijarto, it grew out of their work together at Public Dreams, and their desire to understand the role of artists in the sacred life of the community.

The project has been part of the revival of the role of this urban cemetery in the life of an increasingly secular and multi-cultural community.
DML host Abegael, who will be part of the festival as a storyteller again this year on Nov 1 – Crossing the Sea: Celtic Threshold Stories – is thrilled to once again welcome Marina and Paula into the Van Coop studio.

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